USMC Golf Accessories 

USMCDIRECT.COM is your one-stop shop for USMC golf accessories. We are proud to offer an impressive selection of premium golf accessories ideal for golf tournaments for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Toys for Tots, Wounded Warrior, and other Military/Corporate golf events.

What We Offer

Turn to USMCDIRECT.COM for state-of-the-art accessories for your upcoming golf tournament. Our inventory includes premium divot tools, cap clips, and other golf accessories from Custom Golf Direct, Inc.

Available Options

At USMCDIRECT.COM, we understand that you need golf accessories that showcase your support of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Toys for Tots, and MCSF. Our products come with traditional or customized magnetic (removable) ball markers, which showcase the organization of your choice.

Wholesale Orders

As a wholesale supplier, we have a minimum order quantity for each item. Customers must place an order worth $350 or more. Feel free to contact us about our golf accessories.

Our Products

DT480: A Professionally Designed Divot Tool in Brass or Nickel Finish with a Magnetized Ball Marker

DT481: The Same As DT480 but with a Built-In Back Clip
MOQ: 12 Tools
MLT388: Light-Touch Ergonomic Divot Tool in Silver or Brass Finish with a Color Thumb Pad and Magnetized Ball Marker

MLT387: The Same As MLT388 but with a Built-In Back Clip
MOQ: 12 Tools
SR-333: Switchblade Divot Tool with a
Magnetized Ball Marker
MOQ: 12 Tools
HC-20: Cap Clip with a Magnetized Ball Marker
MOQ: 12 Clips
RL-26: A Traditional USMC OOH-RAH Nickel-Sized Ball Marker. Fits All Divot Tools and Cap Clips.
MOQ: 24 Markers
Custom Markers Are Also Available
ZF 300: Zero-Friction Golf Gloves with Magnetized Ball Marker. One Size Fits All
Glove Colors: White, Red, and Black
MOQ: 12 Gloves
CGD-DC: Ultraleather Driver Covers with Front and Back Embroideries. Rear Entry, One Size Fits All Drivers
MOQ: 6 Covers
CB823: USMC Stained Glass Bag Tag with Leather Strap
MOQ: 12 Bag Tags
Please note that the prices for the items mentioned above are for individual items and do not include shipping to addresses within the continental US. For a complete cost quote and to order, send us an email or call us at (773) 775-2040. You can also request details about our golf accessories.